Perl version 5.6.0 or greater


The following additional Perl modules are required before you can use irclog-xml:

XML::LibXML (1.50 or greater)
XML::LibXSLT (1.50 or greater)

see to obtain the above modules


In order to use the above Perl modules, you will also need:

Gnome libxml2
Gnome libxslt

see to obtain the above libraries

If you are using RPM, you will need to install the "-devel" rpm(s) as well.

I highly recommend obtaining the latest C libraries and the latest Perl libraries. Certain combinations of the C libraries and the corresponding perl libraries produce bizarre results. You should be safe if you retrieve the latest of both.


Expand the tarball to any to that directory. Did you get all the pre-reqs? Type the following:

% make test

All tests should pass ;P


To get started, type -man for options.

IMPORTANT! The current working directory from which you execute must be the same as the directory created when you expanded the tarball, or you need to use the -I flag. In other words:

 % cd /some/path/to/irclog-xml
 % ./ ...


 % perl -I/path/to/irclog-xml/lib/perl /path/to/irclog-xml/ ...


The option -xsl-param-css determines which cascading style sheet will be linked into the converted log. For example:

 % ./ -xsl-param-css=css/greyed.css ...

This creates the following tag in the resultant html document:

 <LINK type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="css/greyed.css"/> 

Clearly, if you move the created html document to a different directory, the style sheet will not be found by your browser and thus silently ignored. So, in the above example, you would have to copy over css/greyed.css to the same directory in which you put the log file converted to html.

Even if you don't know a thing about cascading stylesheets, you should be able to tweak the look and feel by modifying one of the css files in the css directory. The structure of the css file is fairly self explanatory. To do more than that, it will be necessary for you to create your own xsl document. Take a look at xsl/default_htm.xsl to get started...


EXAMPLES file that comes with this distribution