NAME - IRC chat log converter

SYNOPSIS [options] -irc-log-format=[format] file


Print a brief help message and exits.
Prints the manual page and exits.
Print extra goobly-gook
Print version and exit
Perform benchmarks on various parts of
Don't validate the parsed document against the DTD
-irc-log-format (string)
Format of input IRC chat log, must be one of the following: "bitchx","mirc", or "xchat"
-nickcolors (string)
Name of xml file containing nick name/color settings (see NICK COLORIZATION)
-xsl-param-title (string)
Title applied to document transformed by XSLT
-xsl-param-css (string)
CSS linked in to document transformed by XSLT. A number of different stylesheets can be found in the css directory that comes with this distribution.
-xsl-stylesheet (string)
Apply named stylesheet instead of the default one
-xsl-output-file (string)
File name for transformed document generated from input IRC chat log. Defaults to irc log filename + .html
Don't transform xml file
Don't save xml file
-xml-output-file (string)
File name for xml document generated from input IRC chat log. Defaults to irc log filename + .xml


irclog-xml will read the given input IRC chat log, convert it to an xml document, then apply a stylesheet (using XSLT) to it. In other words: irclog-xml converts IRC chat logs to HTML.

In reality, irclog-xml is not limited to producing only HTML documents. Any XSLT stylesheet can be applied to the xml document. However, only stylesheets to generate HTML are provided. In the case of HTML transformations, css is used in addition to XSLT, so it is relatively easy to change formatting without having to delve into XSLT. See the -xsl-param-css (string) option for more details.

See SUPPORTED CHAT LOGS for a full listing of supported log file formats. If you see that your favorite IRC client chat log format is not listed, send me a comprehensive log and I will add it. Better yet, take a look at IRCLog::Parsers::* and contribute by writing a parser to support your IRC client.


Most IRC clients support highly customized formatting. It would be difficult to support all of these formats, therefore, irclog-xml can only parse logs that are in the default "out of the box" format. For the most part irclog-xml handles logs with timestamps on or off.


via mel (see


tested on BitchX-1.0c19 (without timestamps only)


tested on version 6.01 (with or without timestamps)


tested on version 1.8.7 (with or without timestamps)


If you want to colorize nicks, use the -nickcolors option, and create an xml document similiar to the following:

  <nick name="name1" color="#ff0000"/> 
  <nick name="name2" color="#0000ff"/> 

You can specify all the standard html FONT tag attributes to decorate a matching nick. By specifying attributes in the <nicks> element, you can also set default FONT attributes for nicks that don't match any of the <nick> elements.


XML::LibXML (1.50 or greater)

XML::LibXSLT (1.50 or greater)

Perl 5.6.0