About irclog-xml

irclog-xml will read the given input IRC chat log, convert it to an xml document, then apply a stylesheet (using XSLT) to the resultant xml document. In plain english: irclog-xml converts IRC chat logs to HTML

In reality, irclog-xml is not limited to producing only HTML documents. Any XSLT stylesheet can be applied to the resultant xml document. At this time though, only stylesheets to generate HTML are provided. In the case of HTML transformations, css is used in addition to XSLT, so it is relatively easy for you to change formatting without having to delve into XSLT. See the -xsl-param-css option and examples for more details.

See SUPPORTED CHAT LOGS for a full listing of supported IRC logs. If you see that your favorite IRC client is not listed, send me a comprehensive log and I will add it. Better yet, take a look at IRCLog::Parsers::* and contribute by writing a parser to support your IRC client.

You can help! Please contribute by writing new cascading style sheets or xsl documents.

Latest Release

November 17, 2002

Certain combinations of XML::LibXML with certain versions of libxml2 are not compatible. Sometimes this incompatibility causes the DTD validation to fail, even though it shouldn't. Users should always use the latest XML::LibXML module together with the latest libxml2 'C' library. In cases where the DTD validation fails, you might want to try and use the new flag 'skip-validation'.


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